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How to Keep Your Men's Running Shoes in Top Shape

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As a runner, you know how important it is to have the right pair of running shoes. After all, your shoes are the only thing that stands between your feet and the pavement.

That's why it's so important to take good care of them. But how do you do that?

Read on for some tips on how to properly care for your men’s running shoes.

Clean Regularly

The key component in keeping your running shoes in peak condition is cleaning them regularly. If you wear them every day, it's important to clean them after every run. This will help keep dirt and other debris from building up and damaging your shoes over time.

Start by removing any dirt or mud with a soft brush or cloth. Then, use a damp sponge and mild soap to wipe away any sweat or dirt residue that may be left behind. Be sure not to scrub too hard as this can damage the material of the shoe itself.

Finally, let them air dry before putting them away—never put wet running shoes in storage!

Condition & Re-Waterproof Them As Needed

Men's running shoes are made out of materials like leather and mesh which can dry out over time if not conditioned regularly.

To prevent this from happening, use a conditioner specifically designed for leather (or whatever material your shoe is made out of) once every few months or so. This will help keep the material from cracking or fading due to wear and tear over time.

You should re-waterproof your shoes every few months as well—this will help protect them from water damage when running through puddles or during inclement weather conditions.

Rotate Your Shoes

It's important to give each pair of running shoes a break every now and then by rotating between different pairs throughout the week or month depending on what type of mileage you usually log each day.

This helps ensure that each pair has an adequate amount of time to rest between runs so they don't get too worn down too quickly due to excessive use. It also gives you an opportunity to try out different brands or styles if desired —so don't be afraid to mix things up!


Caring for your men’s running shoes is essential if you want them to last as long as possible while still providing optimal performance during each run—no matter what kind of mileage you tend log on a regular basis!

By following these simple steps you can keep your running shoes in tip-top shape for years to come.

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