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Men's Running Shoes

Considerations for new running shoes

You should think of some vital factors that play a role in choosing the right kind of shoes for your running activities. For starters, it is ideal to consider where your running will be happening: on the beach, a paved road, or a dirt trail? These surfaces have different reactions to shoes, so your running shoes for these places need not be the same.

A good fit is another reasonable consideration to avoid discomfort and pain while running. The sole should be sturdy, and the top part breathable but supportive.

The last consideration is to ensure that the shoe you want to buy is actually designed for running. Cautiously look for running shoes because sometimes, the traditional sneakers may look like them; you don't want to buy a fake as it would affect your running activities. 

Which running shoe brand is best: Nike or Asics?

The answer to this question is not easy to come by. Setting the difference between these two great brands is controversial, and the reasons are glaring. For most buyers, the quality of shoe is determined by brand name; however, upon close inspection, having the best running shoes is not tied to the brand's name. It all depends on what kind of runner you are.

The Asics Kayano will be a good choice if you are a stability runner. But Brooks Ghost would be better for those who have high arches. 

Some footwear companies have gained popularity, and a huge chunk of the market is drawn to them for certain reasons.

They do have optimum quality running shoes, but you should shift your focus from buying "the best running shoes" to purchasing "your best running shoes". As we mentioned before, how often you run and your gait (the way you walk or step) should determine your choice.


2022's best running shoes

As with everything, a new year sees new trends. And men's running shoes are not left behind as 2022 has brought with it emerging designs. This makes choosing your best shoes for running relatively easy as there are options to consider. But again, your feet is not the same as others, and the way you run too is unique. This implies that you need to consider personal running traits when deciding on what running shoes will be just perfect for you.

Sometimes, our loyalty to brands may hurt. How? If a shoe doesn't work with your feet while running, there is no need to keep buying just for the love of the brand. It's not the brand's fault that their shoes aren't working for you. They may be very good at designing impeccable quality running shoes. Still, where the pair is not giving you results, you should look for what works for your running somewhere else. 


What shoes are best for male runners?

Shoes are uniquely designed for a category of wearers: male, female, kids or adults. So the right running shoes for men would be designed to match the shape of men's feet. Naturally, men have feet that are wider than that of women, and as such, their shoe design caters for this. Good running shoes for men should come with enough space in front to flex the toes and be stable enough at the sole to give a good upthrust as you run. Again, the upper part of the shoes should be flexible and covered partly with breathable material so that the feet can get some air.


What about heavy runners? What are running shoes appropriate for them?

First, heavy runners are people whose body mass index (ratio of body weight to height) is more than 25. Should you fall in this category of runners, you need not rush into buying a pair of running shoes. Why? Your shoes as a heavy runner should offer safety, comfort and zero risk of injury. In addition, the shoe should come with extra sole support. Having a great cushion at the shoe's sole will minimise the risk of running injuries. Many shoes for running men do come with this feature traditionally, yet other options provide extra cushioning at the sole.


Mistakes to avoid when buying men's running shoes

  • Ensure your feet is measured. That heel-to-toe length, foot width and arch length are very important before picking your running shoes. Why? Naturally, the foot flexes at one point, and shoes are made to flex at a point too. So, proper feet measurement sees that these two flex points match together.

  • Don't mistake shoe volume for width. How much space a shoe has on the inside is called shoe volume. A shoe with good volume fits snugly when the lace is tied, and two fingers can go between the eyelets. The shoe has insufficient volume where fingers can go between and is tight-fitting. One finger between eyelets means a loose fit and excess volume. A good shoe for runners has the right volume. It won't allow a foot injury like plantar fasciitis that runners fear greatly to set in.


  • Don't be scared of increments in shoe size. You already know your shoe size, right? But do you know feet don't grow shorter? Sometimes, your original shoe size may turn out a bit snug and wouldn't allow your feet to breathe. Each time you visit a men's running shoes store, you need to measure your feet again.


  • Consider shoe fit, feel and function, not your friend's opinion. Peer pressure often makes people buy the wrong shoes. "Oh boy, that shoe colour isn't impressive" "these sneakers are making your feet larger" are some of the comments that becloud the rationality in choosing good shoes for running. But in reality, you must consider how your feet feel inside those shoes, if it fits snugly and if they'll allow you to run comfortably. Sadly, buyers sometimes go for sports shoes their friends wear and miss out on good running shoes for men.

Inside Sneakers Direct

Comfort and agility are sustained with the shoes for running we offer at our store. And we have a wide variety of these shoes. Fortunately, we stock running shoes for various purposes from popular brands like New Balance, Nike and ASICS. So, you can have a worthy pick, be it running on a sidewalk or trail. At Sneakers Direct, we help you run like the wind.

Aside from running shoes, we also offer walking shoes for those who may not like running. Be that as it may, there are many bonuses running offers: it makes you stay fit, prepares you for almost all kinds of sports, and affordable prices.

It's easy to run - with good fitness and a pair of premium quality running shoes.

Note that running is a steady forward motion, and so a shoe with a sturdy sole and good tread will propel you forward. Don't use shoes for indoor sports for outdoor activities like running. It will not work well for high performance running.  



If you think running is a worthy activity for you, you should think it is befitting to own a pair of running shoes you can rely on. Come see the tons of functional running shoes we offer at Sneakers Direct. You will surely find a perfect fit for your feet size, running style, and comfort from our many in-store shoes. Grab a pair at Sneakers Direct today and keep running free like never before.

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