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Women's Running Shoes

women's running shoes


Investing in the right running shoes for women is important for anyone that prioritises comfort while running. You have a long list of features to check before choosing your running shoes. Your running shoes should be comfortable, durable and well-fitting to provide maximum support. 


What to consider with women's running shoes

The first thing on your checklist should be ensuring the running shoes you intend to buy are specifically made for women. Opting for regular ladies' sneakers will not give you the required level of support and comfort you need while running.   

The second feature to check is the shoe's fitting. While checking this, take your time, so you don't decide in haste. Besides the fitting, you also need to check if the shoe fits your foot shape. Feet shape differs, and several shapes of women's running shoes are available. You will likely find the right fit, by all you need is patience to select the right type.

Running shoes are also available for different purposes. Running shoes are available for everyday running, off-road running, and everyday running. These running activities have specific needs, so factoring in what you intend to use the running shoes for is necessary if you want to get a perfectly fitting shoe. 


Are women's running shoes different from men's running shoes?

Men usually have different feet shape from women. Since men's feet are wider, their running shoes tend to be wider to accommodate wider fitter. This causes a significant difference in running shoes made for women and men. 

On the other hand, female running shoes are slightly wider in the toe and fore fort part but with a narrower heel area. Men usually have narrow forefoot while other parts of their feet are wider.


Does wearing male running shoes have any adverse effect on women?

In most cases, women's running shoes provide a better fit for women since their designs are perfect. However, women have different feet sizes and shapes, and some women with wider feet are likely to have men's running shoes fit better. 

Wearing male running shoes doesn't cause any harm provides it is comfortable and provides the needed support. If men's running shoes are better fitting, you can opt for them. 


How do I shop for women's running shoes?

Your running shoes are personal, but considering the most important factors - superior comfort and support are advised to get the right running shoes. Some women may feel more comfortable while wearing men's running shoes, and men with narrower feet can comfortably wear running shoes for women.  

Although shoe types are made based on gender, you can wear whichever shoe you want, provided you feel comfortable.  


Which women's running shoe brands are good?

Durable and high performing running shoes for women are those made adequately from high-quality materials. Regardless of which brand you want to purchase, ensure the running shoe has sufficient support on the sole with a flexible upper part for maximum comfort while running. 

The best running shoes also depends on your feet shape and how you run (your gait). If your feet are highly arched, a Nike ZOOM Pegasus may be the right fit, but if you pronate more than average while running and need more cushioning in the middle, ASICS Kayano may be the best fit.  

Always lookout for a well-fitting running shoe with support in the position you use more often for balance while running. 


Which shoe brands does Sneakers Direct offer?

Sneakers Direct offers several brands and types of women's running shoes. Our wide range of running shoes ensures that you get durable and comfortable shoes to support you while running. Our sits and styles from top running shoe brands can serve for runs on trails, sidewalks, and treadmills.  

Our new arrivals contain several trendy designs to give you proper balance while running. 

Women's sports shoes 

New women's shoe designs with better functionality are now available. With our contemporary women's sports shoe collection, you can get your designed local and international women's sports shoes, and you have no excuse not to upgrade your shoe collection.   

We have updated retro styles to modern women's sports shoes. We have durable women's sports shoes with foam cushioning and flexible grooves to support your strides in any terrain. 

You can pair your favourite running shoes with our moisture-wicking tank and running shorts for optimum comfort as you run.

Sneakers are multifunctional and have remained in fashion on the runway and streets. Our updated collection of sneakers at Sneakers Direct provides you with multiple sneakers options for any sports activity. 

We only source sneakers from the top sportswear brand and have contemporary sports-luxe styles, including limited-edition collections. Platform soles, leather trims, playful prints and luxe suede sneakers are available.  

Our trendy, eye-catching but straightforward sneaker designs suitable for different fashion ensembles are perfect for you. Consider opting for designs with bold logo prints, quick-dry properties and massage footbeds. Paired with socks, you can have adequate warmth in the cold weather. 

Our hiking and trail range has the perfect fit for every outdoor lover. Our dedicated running shoes in the hiking collection have traction-grip outsoles and waterproof uppers to stabilise any trail, giving you an enjoyable hiking experience. Paired with our rain-proof, weatherproof jackets and sealed seam backpack, you can stay dry and safe during hiking or any outdoor activity.



We have something for every sports lover. Sneakers Direct has you covered whether you want to get new workout outfits or need footwear to complete a street-style ensemble.

We take pride in educating all our customers on sports shoes-related issues, including selecting the right running shoes. Your balance and support from your running shoes can make your runs more enjoyable, and we have exceptional and committed staff always available to help you pick out the perfect shoes. This ensures you avoid getting stuck making the wrong decision. 


Visit our store online or in person to find your perfect women's running shoes.  


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