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Kids' physical development is transient, so as a parent, you need to be observant and smart about buying kids' shoes. People in this age group outgrow shoes quickly. You'll need to get comfortable, firm, and fit shoes for all their activities. 

Kids wear different types of shoes depending on their age and current development phase. Babies from 0 to 4 years will get baby shoes. Children at 14 years of age will get trainers. Buying either of these shoes online is not an easy task - the selection process is quite the drill. However, shoes made from breathable materials will be great for those cute little feet so that as they grow up, they can accommodate their change in feet size. 

Be sure to understand that kids are super active and will not hold back from catching all the fun in front of them. So, for their outdoor activities: school, holidays and road trips, there should be carefully designed kid's sports shoes to provide the needed support when it's time to play football, baseball, basketball and all those exciting games. 


Grab a fitting pair at Sneakers Direct

When it comes to sports shoes for kids, do you know we have a plethora of the finest outdoor shoes in stock? Yes, your kids will love the pair you buy for them here as it will fit their chosen sport. The right kind of shoes won't be tight fitting to cause injuries and will be such that your kids can still wear them as they keep growing.

Sneakers Direct is your home for a wide range of sports shoes your kids can use to run, play badminton, volleyball, basketball....all the games they enjoy most. Please remember that picking the right shoes that fit snugly and help your kids grow is essential. Like adults, kids love shoe brands and will be drawn to their choice of personal interest or from their celebrity sportsman/woman.

Some parents are quite scared when they need to shop for their kid's shoes - the search for the perfect fit is nerve-racking.

At our online store, you can get your kids fitting shoes from our large collection. The process is easy as we offer filters our customers can use. This feature narrows down your kid's athletic shoes search to the specific brand, size or purpose. With the help of filters, you won't be confused from looking at thousands of shoes; you only have to pick your choice from a few shoes within your area of interest. 

Everything kid's footwear for sports that will make your child ready is available here. In our sports shoes collection, you will find pairs that boys and girls can wear for sports, beautifully designed school sport shoes, and playdate sports shoes.

That's not all. We have great brands of sports shoes from Puma, Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Asics. So, you can be sure of getting shoes of excellent quality for your kid's outdoor fun.

We can help you get your kids ready for sports as far as shoes are concerned. At Sneakers Direct, we offer white sports shoes for boys who may love the game of tennis and girls who are cheerleaders. If white is not a colour of choice for you, we also offer other great colours your kids can use for their sporting events. If you need kid's trainers for exercising, we have you covered. 


How to select the right shoes for your kid's online

You can easily select the best sneakers for your boy or girl. Our shoes are built for cute little feet and designed to have comfortable soles and a soft and fluffy exterior to keep the feet warm and safe. So, measure your kid's feet from heel to toe and refer to our size chart before choosing.

For what purpose are you buying that shoe for your kid? You must answer this question because one shoe may not serve all purposes. For instance, the boots kids wear to play football are different from what they wear for tennis and everyday shoes.

To give your child the best experience in footwear, check out their lifestyle - the things they love doing and get them shoes that are fit for each activity. We have baby sneakers, kids running shoes, and everything else to protect children's feet and make their time outdoors worthwhile. 


Trainers for kids

Knowingly, kids like to enjoy themselves at every given opportunity, and they do so with a lot of energy. Whatever you need, be it easy on baby sneakers to plush sports shoes for teenagers, getting the best kids shoes online is not a walk in the park.

Your kid can get style, class and comfort from the Adidas Stan Smith range of outdoor shoes. Knowing that the tennis court belonged to Adidas at a time, your kids can have the court too while wearing our vintage three stripe roots.

The Adidas trainer in the superstar kid range celebrates the brand's history in a pair of sneakers draped in three stripes that sits just well. We have great shoes for skateboarding for kids who like the game. Designed with suede and textile lining to support movement while looking good, these shoes can help first-time skateboarders do just fine. 


Football boots for kids

Another great pair of shoes kids who love football will be proud to have is football boots. Gift your boy or girl a football boot that promises unrestricted movement, precise control, accuracy and speed while navigating through opponents to hit the ball at the back of the net. We have fantastic comfy under 16's boots to give your youngster the feeling of being a Ronaldo on the pitch. If you need trendy football boots that offer great agility and speed flex, then check right in. With Adidas football boots, the entire field is yours for the taking.


Training shoes for kids

For both games played inside or outside the house, our range of kid's trainers are just right for dashing up and down. For toddlers having a swell time on any kind of surface, ensure your selection is easy to wear, flexible, comfortable, and strong. 


Running shoes for kids

Your growing feet need a good pair of running shoes that can send you bolting into the distance. Having thought about this, we have shoes that are breathable, supportive, and will absorb shock appropriately in our online shop. It is now simple to find the right pair.


Basketball shoes for kids

Where your cutie is having a go at basketball or already making 3 points, you need to show them love and support by covering their feet in years of innovation that will see them making history in the game. Get a perfect pair of basketball shoes for your kids today from our collection.


Choose wisely!

Shopping online at Sneakers Direct is your sure bet for getting the best in school sports shoes and for other outdoor activities. Go ahead and visit our online shop today.

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